Cervical Spondylosis

Did you know that as a person grows old, the back experiences wearing away? Yes. As you get older, the bones and other parts of your back may come to a point that becomes damage due to the wear and tear it constantly goes through. Cervical Spondylosis being one of the effects of constant degeneration.

Cervical Spondylosis, a common degenerative disorder of the spine, specifically affects the neck. It is a condition that affects both males and females who are usually ages 40 and above. Cervical osteoarthritis, another name for the specified spondylosis, appears earlier in men than in women.

What causes cervical spondylosis? As mentioned earlier, age related wear and tear is the primary cause for this condition. Ligaments become too weak or too stiff; discs lose its ability to act as cushions, and bone start to form abnormal spurs. Other factors that may cause this condition are past neck or spine injuries and severe arthritis.

How can you tell if the pain you are feeling is due to cervical spondylosis? The signs and symptoms of this condition are as follows -

The following are the symptoms:

If you have these symptoms and you go to your doctor, you can expect that different assessments will be done to confirm if you have cervical sponylosis. These include:

Cervical spondylosis can be a bit scary especially if you are not informed about the condition very well. Just remember, if you have the symptoms, immediately consult a doctor so that she or he could diagnose you properly and provide a treatment plan to help you with the condition.