Nutritious and Healthy alternatives for those who suffer from it

I have great news for all who suffer from painful arthritis - instead of resorting to invasive medical treatments, there's a safer and more effective approach for alleviating its symptoms and treatment.

Ayurveda, practiced about 5000 years, emphasizes on maintaining and attaining a healthy balance in mind, body, and spirit. Ayurvedic principles show that there are substances as well as chemicals in specific foods that can either increase or reduce inflammation. Following Ayurvedic principles also equates to having a healthy lifestyle.

Below are two of the countless highly recommended foods that will pave the way for you to have a more active life:

Here are some healthy and delicious treats for those who suffer from painful arthritis yet don't want to feel as if they're missing on a lot:

There's a wise old rule of nutrition that is more valid than ever these days: Eat breakfast like a king (or queen); eat lunch like a prince (or princess); and eat supper like a pauper. If you follow that rubic, your body will get the bulk of its nutrition when you need it most, during the workday. You will also have more time to digest the food and work off the calories, so you'll sleep better and control your weight at the same time. Most restaurants charge considerably less for many of the same dishes at lunchtime, making this a wise economic choice as well. After eating a good sized lunch, you may find that a simple soup and salad for dinner are enough to satisfy you.

Again, this may not always be practical, given the demands of the day, but the closer you can come to this formula, the better chance you'll have of controlling your weight and resisting the urge to snack on salty chips, cookies or chocolates, or consume juice drinks and coffee for energy. Ideally, your energy should come from your food. I hope that you will be able to incorporate my suggestions into your daily regimen, combined with proper exercise and nutritious foods, it's possible to eliminate painful arthritis, slow its progression, and enhance mobility!